A project currently being undertaken by AIE (Academy of Interactive Entertainment) graduates






Single Player




2017 - Current

Mad Science is a project I am currently working on with several AIE graduates as a designer. The goal is to create a free to play mobile game that's easy for anyone to pick up and play in their down time. Whilst still in it's early days you can get an idea of what it might look like from the images below.

The villagers are fed up with your blasphemous brand of mad science and have come to drag you from your laboratory. Fling them into the air or use an array of supercharged weaponry to keep them off your lawn. Bloody peasants.

Working UI design - determining what setup will work best for the mobile platform

The village idiot - watch out for this one... 

Cannon fodder - grab your torch and pitchforks!

Giant fans, electric cables, landmines - the everyman's front yard 

As a designer working on Mad Science it has been my responsibility thus far to produce a game design document which incorporates a progression outline. I have also been managing the output of the team by maintaining an organised workflow (via Trello) in an effort to reach our project goals. 

In collaborating with the team I have designed several enemy archetypes and in game systems including access to weaponry and defense apparatus, as well as assisted with the game economy. It is foreseeable that I will continue to develop these aspects of the project until such a time as the archetypes and mechanics can be included in a build, at which point I will work towards balancing their impact on game play.   


Environment Artist / Project Lead
Matthew Hodges

Game Design
Daniel Silver · Daniel Spiteri 

Sean Mauff

Character Artist
Kyle Lawson