Academy of Interactive Entertainment -Solo Project 


Designer / Programmer


Survival Horror




Microsoft Windows



The purpose of this assignment was to use skills developed in art, design, and programming to produce a playable product. Each stage of development was clearly documented so as to serve as proof of progression. 

Estranged is a game of survival. Players compete to collect soul fragments hidden throughout an elaborate maze. In a terrifying game of tug of war, the player with fewer fragments is pursued by a hulking demon when the light goes out. 

Enter - if you dare

Find me - collect to survive

A perfect maze - created using a maze generator algorithm

Mirror - or teleportation device?

The concept for Estranged began with my following of a tutorial on generating perfect mazes. The idea was to develop a multiplayer survival horror game based on a tug of war mechanic. Two or more players are dropped into the maze and tasked with collecting soul fragments. At random intervals the lights all but go out and the demon is set on a direct path to the player who has collected the fewest. 

I both programmed and designed the systems used for this project. Chief among them were the enemy AI's pathfinding capabilities, flares, which are used by players to deter the demon for a limited time; and teleportation devices (pictured above). These mechanics combined with my artistic work on the environment came together to create a competitive and terrifying experience.   

Apologies that no build is currently available due to technical issues.