"Nephilim" - novel in progress

A lot of people think Lucas Mercer is more trouble than he's worth, and he's not about to tell them that they're wrong. Having an arrogant pig of a stepfather can do that to a person. That's why when a mysterious scholarship arrives to attend one of the more prestigious schools in the country, Lucas gets a gut feeling that it's too good to be true. Soon he is thrust into a world of secret angelic rebellions, assassination attempts, and magical intrigue; soon he will come to know what it means to be Nephilim. 

"Un-limb-ited Zombies" - AIE major production

Role: Designer  ·  Genre: Beat em' up  ·  Mode: Multiplayer  ·  Platform: Microsoft Windows  ·  Year: 2016

An all out, anything goes, zombie-on-zombie battle extravaganza. Lose limbs and attach new ones to gain their special properties as you attempt to leave your opponents limbless and pulverized. This is a cage fight not to be missed! 

My association with this project largely concluded at the same time I commenced work on Alone. As a designer I had laid much of the ground work for future development, and happily liaised with the team to discuss ideas and provide constructive feedback after my departure. I contributed to the decision to use everyday spaces, and went on to design them for use as the arena. Such spaces included a suburban back yard, grocery store, and graveyard. I also produced a detailed game design document which was made available to the team.   


Programmers: Kayne Palmer & Kate Moxon   ·   Artists: Sunita (Sunny) Berry & Aleksander Tudorin   ·   

Designers: Andrew Hand & Daniel Spiteri 

"SUPERNOT" - AIE game jam (best in show)

Role: Level & UI designer  ·  Genre: Top down shooter  ·  Mode: Multiplayer  ·  Platform: Microsoft Windows  ·  

Year: 2016

Up to four players compete in this free for all death match using time manipulation to strategically plan their offensive and evasive manoeuvres. Similar to "SUPERHOT", time only moves forward when the player moves, though in this case the time dilation is limited to a bubble surrounding the player.  


Programmers: Kate Moxon, Brek Bradley, & George Pano Marshall   ·   Artists: Bronson Brooker, Brenton McMurtrie, Daniel Faraj, & Sunny Berry   ·   Designers: Andrew Hand & Daniel Spiteri